Hello Vodafone prepaid users, are you having low or no talktime Balance? Is your Internet data pack almost exhausted or you don’t have Internet pack activated? And you urgently need to call someone or browse something? Are you looking to Vodafone Loan Code to get Vodafone Internet Loan or Advance Talktime Credit? Then, you are at the very right place. This article will help you on how to take loan in Vodafone Number/SIM.

How to Take Vodafone TalkTime Loan?

Vodafone offers Rs.10 talktime loan to all its prepaid users. To get talktime loan in vodafone number/SIM, you just have to dial Vodafone loan code number. But before that you must fulfill the advance talktime loan eligibility criteria.

Eligibility Criteria for Vodafone Advance Talktime

In order to get loan in Vodafone SIM/Number, make sure you fulfill following conditions otherwise Talktime Loan won’t be granted.

  • Your Airtel Number must be prepared and at least 3 months older.
  • There must be no pending credit/loan on your number.
  • Your main balance must be less than Rs.5. 

Please note that, talktime is given for 24 hours. After 24 hours telecom operator will recover the given credit. They recover credited amount automatically from the main balance with extra charges/interest.

Vodafone Loan Number for Talktime | Vodafone Loan code For Internet

Vodafone Loan Number for Talktime | Vodafone Loan code For Internet

Vodafone Loan USSD code for Talktime

Here are the Vodafone Loan USSD code for Talktime Balance. After dialing the following code you’ll get Vodafone chota credit of Rs.10.

Vodafone Talktime Loan USSD Code: *111*10#

Another way of taking loan is Vodafone is by sending SMS to Vodafone Loan Number.

SMS To vodafone Loan Number: type CREDIT and send to 144

Please note that you have to repay Rs.13 against Rs.10 Vodafone Loan. If you are not interested in Vodafone Loan then you’ll find Vodafone Balance transfer service useful. Ask your friends or family members to transfer you talktime balance.

Instructions – How To Take Loan in Vodafone?

To get Vodafone Talktime Loan (or Vodafone Chota Credit), please follow the following instructions:

Method #1

Dial the Vodafone USSD code Method (it’s Free):

  • Dial Vodafone loan code *111*10# and a menu will appear “Low Balance Services“.
  • Now you have to Select “Chota Credit” which is the 4th option in menu.
  • PRESS 1 and check your eligibility.
  • If you are eligible then, PRESS 0.
  • Now Vodafone Chotta Recharge of Rs.10 will be instantly credited to you.

Method #2

This method involves sending SMS to Vodafone Loan number for getting talktime credit. The instructions are as follows.

  • Create a new SMS message and type “CREDIT” without quotes.
  • Send this SMS to 121 (it’s free).
  • You are done – Enjoy!

I hope you had successfully got Rs.10 talktime in your balance. If you’re looking for something else, please keep reading!

How To Get Vodafone Internet Loan (3G)?

Vodafone offers Internet on credit service. That means you can take 3G Internet Loan from Airtel by sending an SMS to Vodafone Loan Number. But before that make sure you fulfill the Vodafone Loan eligibility criteria.

Eligibility Criteria for Vodafone Internet Loan

Dial following USSD Code and you’ll get 20MB 3G Internet data for 1 day. Notice that this is the only telecom network which provides 3G on credit.

Vodafone Loan Code No For Internet Data Pack

Please dial the following USSD code to get 3G Internet loan in Vodafone Number.

3G Internet Loan via SMS: type CREDIT and send to 144

You can check your Vodafone Internet Balance by dialing USSD Code *111*5*2# or *111*6#.

Conclusion and Important Points!

Congratulations on getting Loan in your Vodafone number. Read some interesting and important points here about it –

  • Advance Talktime, Vodafone Chota Credit, 3G internet loan service are fast, easy and very helpful in emergency. But you have to pay extra amount/Interest against your Loan.
  • You must recharge your mobile within 24 hours. Because Vodafone is going to recover the loan amount strictly after 24 hours and you’ll be left with negative balance and no more loan facility.

I hope this article – “How to Take Loan in VODAFONE? Talktime and 3G LOAN USSD Codes!” proved helpful to you and anyone looking for Vodafone Loan Number, Vodafone Loan Code No or Vodafone Loan USSD code. You might also like to checkout out Vodafone USSD codes List.

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