Hello Readers, are you getting calls from unknown number/person and some unknown country? Do you want to know who is calling you even before you pick up the call? Then here is a good news for you – TrueCaller Number Tracker made it possible to trace any online number and information about its caller such as caller’s photo, name, operator and location.

TrueCaller Number Tracker

TrueCaller Number Tracker uses its large database of phone numbers to provide you these all details about unknown mobile numbers. You just need to have TrueCaller app installed on your phone. Else, you can just query any mobile/landline number against Truecaller search function on their official website. TrueCaller seems magic but its all technology integrated services which available for Android, Blackberry OS, Symbian, Firefox, Windows phone.

How to Trace an Unknown Caller’s Details in Real Time?

If you want to know who is calling you from an unknown number (even before you pick the call) then you need to have Truecaller app installed in your phone. When you’ll get a call from unknown number, this app will search this number against its huge database of mobile number. Then TrueCaller number tracker will provide you all the details such as caller’s name, location and photo in realtime.

Download TrueCaller: You can download Truecaller from Google Play or iTunes

Search TrueCaller Online for Mobile Number Details

If you are like me – who don’t like to install many apps on their mobile phone then you don’t need to install this app. You can also track details of unknown caller via TrueCaller number tracker website. But this process is a bit of time consuming, compared to an app that will automatically fetch and show information about unknown caller.

So, when you get a call from an unknown number it’s your decision to pick it or ticket no. Now, when you have the unknown number, go to truecaller.com website and put the number in the TrueCaller Global search. Click Search Button and within few seconds it’ll give you the details of unknown mobile number.

Trace Mobile Number Details

How TrueCaller Number Tracker System Works?

Many website, apps and other services try to provide similar look up facilities like TrueCaller but neither of them is close to actual TrueCaller number tracker . So how exactly TrueCaller works?

The number tracking process is simple. When you’ll install TrueCaller app on your phone, it will ask you to synchronize your contacts with TrueCaller. Now, TrueCaller have all the details about phone numbers that exist in your mobile contacts.

Finally, when any of your friend is going to call someone X who doesn’t have your friend’s phone number in their contacts. Now, Truecaller on the someone X device will fetch details about your friend’s numbers from their database. So, this is how TrueCaller Number Tracker can provide information about these unknown callers.

This might sound like a huge risk to privacy but anyone can delist their number from TrueCaller list anytime.

How to Remove your Number from TrueCaller DataBase?

This process is very simple

  1. You have to go to TrueCaller unlist page.
  2. Enter your phone number there (which you want to remove from TrueCaller).
  3. fill the CAPTCHA verification code and click and list you are done enjoy

Conclusion – Final words

At first, TrueCaller might seem a little scary and huge risk to privacy. But in my opinion it’s help too. We can get details of any unknown caller. We can pick calls from old friends, relatives – even when we don’t have their number saved. Truecaller increases the chances of taking legitimate number and ignoring the fraud and telemarketing calls. As a note – you can always block telemarketing by activating DND (Do Not Disturb) service on your number.

Truecaller Number Tracker now has added features such as information about your friends last activity (when he was on his phone and is the phone on silent mode etc) blocking fraud and spam calls, phone directory, dial pad and much more!

Originally posted 2017-12-30 18:15:22.