Hello telenor consumers, here is the list of Telenor USSD codes. You can perform several Telenor task such as balance checking, talktime credit, Internet loan balance, Balance transfer, caller tunes, DND and lot more offers!

Telenor USSD Codes List

Telenor USSD Codes List

How to check your balance in Telenor number?

You can use Telenor ussd codes to check your SMS, talktime and Internet balance. Dial the following Telenor USSD codes.

Telenor Balance Check Number: *363*4# or *222*2#

2G/3G Internet Balance Check Code: *363*4# or *222*2#

Telenor SMS check:  *222*2#

Read more at Telenor Balance Check Code Number for Talktime/Internet.

How to Know your own number in Telenor?

If you are a Telenor user, you can dial following mobile code for checking your own mobile number.

Telenor Number Checking Code: *222*4#

How to recharge my number using recharge card?

If you are having Telenor recharge card then scratch it now. Note down the 16 digit secret code and dial the following USSD code.

Telenor Recharge Code: *912*secret_code#

Replace “secret_code” with 16-digit Telenor coupon recharge secret code.

How to take Telenor loan?

If your main balance is low and you are a Telenor prepaid user, then you can get Telenor Talktime and Internet on credit.

Telenor Talktime Loan Rs.5: *141#

Dial for Telenor Loan 10 Rupees: *141#

Telenor Internet Loan Code (2G/3G): *141#

Please note that you have to repay this amount with service charge as extra whatever applicable. Read more at Telenor Loan Number Code for Talktime and Internet.

How to Telenor balance transfer?

Hello users, transfer your Telenor balance to any other Telenor number by dialing following mobile code.

Telenor Balance Transfer Code: *202*friend_number*amount#

Replace “friend number” with the Telenor number where you want to send the Telenor balance.

How to Put your Telenor on DND?

If you are tired of telemarketing and advertising companies calling you for no reason. Then Dial the following Telenor USSD code to put your Telenor mobile number on Do-Not-Disturb service (DND). It’s free.

Telenor DND Number: SMS STOP to 1909

How to Activate/Deactivate Caller Tune in Telenor?

Please use the following Telenor USSD codes to activate or deactivate Telenor Caller Tunes.

Telenor Caller Tune Activation: *444#

Telenor Caller Tune Deactivation: *444*9#

After dialing the number you have to follow your Telecom operator’s instructions.

Telenor Customer Care Number (Telenor USSD codes List)

If you are looking for any other Telenor service then called Telenor customer care number. If you have any complaint or issue with your Telenor number or its service then call Telenor complaint number. I hope this Telenor USSD codes list is helpful. Have a nice day!

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