Hello Reliance prepaid users, this article is all about – how to take loan in Reliance SIM using Reliance Loan Number for Internet and Reliance Loan Code for TalkTime. This article is helpful for any Reliance prepaid users who finds himself in a situation where he is alone with low or NO balance. If you are in a hurry, you can dial *141*10# for Reliance Rs.10 Loan.

How To Take Talktime Loan in Reliance!

You can get Rs.5 or Rs.10 Reliance talktime loan by dialing Reliance USSD code or by sending an SMS (toll free) to Reliance Loan number.

Eligibility Criteria For Reliance Loan

To successfully receive Reliance talktime Loan, you have to make sure you fulfill the talktime loan eligibility criteria. These conditions are as follows: 

  • Your Reliance SIM Must Be Prepaid.
  • You must be a customer older than at least 90 Days.
  • No outstanding amount or negative balance. This shows previous due.
  • Low balance.

Reliance Talktime Loan USSD Code – Rs.10 and Rs.5!

Reliance provides Rs.5 and Rs.10 talktime credit to all eligible prepaid customers. You have two methods to get the talktime credit. Please follow the instructions:

Reliance Loan Code (Rs.10): *141*10# 

USSD Code for Reliance Loan (Rs.5): *141*5# 

Reliance Loan Number: type YCR and send sms to 51234

You have to repay this credited talk time amount with service charge (that means an interest of 10-20% extra). If you take loan of Rs.10 then you have to pay RS 12 later.

Reliance Loan Number | How To Take Loan in Reliance?

Reliance Loan Number | How To Take Loan in Reliance?

Instructions: Send SMS to Reliance Loan Number

This method involves sending an SMS to Reliance Loan Number in order to get talktime on credit. The detailed instructions are as follows.

  1. Open your phone’s messaging app.
  2. Create a new message and type “YCR” without quotes.
  3. Now Send it to Reliance loan number- 51234.
  4. You’re Done! Reliance Talktime loan will be credited to you within a few seconds.

In case, you don’t have enough balance to pay- then, REL will take all you balance. Then, they’ll wait till you have sufficient balance. Finally, they will deduct that remaining amount!

How To Take Reliance Internet Loan?

It’s easy to take reliance Internet Loan. You just have to dial *129# Reliance Internet Loan Number. You might wanted to Check Reliance Internet Balance in your SIM by dialing *111*1*3# USSD Code.

Eligibility Criteria for Reliance Internet Loan

Eligibility criteria for getting Reliance Internet loan is same as criteria for talktime on credit. To successfully receive Reliance Internet on credit, make sure you fulfill following conditions: 

  • Your Reliance Number Must Be a Prepaid Number.
  • Your connection must be older than at least 90 Days.
  • No outstanding amount or negative balance. This shows previous unpaid loan amount.
  • Few or no MB’s in your data pack or just no activated Internet pack.

Reliance Loan Code for 2G Internet Pack

Dial the following Reliance USSD code to get Internet pack on credit.

Reliance Loan USSD Code (for 2G Net Pack): *129#

Credit is usually given for 24 hours and they’ll automatically deduct the credited amount later anytime (with service charges as applicable).

Instructions: Take 2G Internet Loan in Reliance

You can take 1GB 2G Internet data worth Rs.9. You have to dial the following USSD Code from your mobile.

  1. Dial the Reliance Loan number *129#.
  2. Select option “1. Rs.9 Store”
  3. On the next screen select option “2. Rs.9 Data Packs
  4. Now select option “1 GB 2G Data
  5. Done! Now you have Internet Data Pack Activated on Credit!

Reliance Loan Code for 3G Balance!

You can dial following Reliance 3G Internet Loan number to get 3G services on credit.

Reliance Loan Code (3G Internet Pack): *111*1*3#

Important Points and Conclusion!

Congratulations! So, you have got Talktime or Internet loan from Reliance. Here are few points to remember:

  • RELIANCE loan number and Reliance loan USSD Codes are very useful and saves us when we have no balance.
  • You should recharge your mobile within 24 hours. As Reliance is going to recover the loan amount. And you’ll again have No balance, actually negative balance. Moreover you can’t avail loans anymore in that situation.
  • You have to repay the loan with original loan amount and additional charge/interest of Rs.2 to Rs.3 on Rs.10 credit.

I hope this article – “how to take loan in Reliance Number using Reliance loan code and Loan Number!” has helped you in emergency. If you are looking for more USSD codes then you’ll find our Reliance USSD Codes List helpful. If you are facing any problem then don’t hesitate to call reliance customer care (Number). Thank You!

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