Hello Idea prepaid users, Having LOW or NO BALANCE? Do you need Idea Internet Loan or Idea TalkTime Loan? And Are you looking for Idea loan code or Idea loan number? Then, you are at the right place. Here, I will tell you how to take loan in Idea Number/Sim.


How to Take Loan in Idea? Loan Code and Loan Number!

Idea Cellular offers Rs.5, Rs.10 and Rs.20 talktime loan for 24 hours. Please make sure you fulfill Idea criteria for talking loan.

Requirements Before You Take Idea Loan!

While we take data loan in idea there are certain terms and conditions which are applied on us. Let me tell you what they are:

  • Idea credit service is available only for those whose idea connection is older than 3 months.
  • There must be no previous pending loan or negative balance.
  • You must be using a prepaid SIM card.
  • Your balance must be less then Rs.2.

Idea Loan Code for Rs.10 & Rs.20 TalkTime!

Idea provides USSD Code to take talktime credit of Rs.5, Rs.10 and Rs.20. You can choose whatever suits, but please not that you can’t take loan twice in 24 hours. Choose Wisely!

Idea Rs.10 Talktime Loan:  *150*10# 

Rs.20 Idea Talktime Loan Number: *150*20# 

Rs.5 Idea Loan Code: *165*5#

If you don’t need TalkTime Loan then you can also try Idea balance transfer service to get balance from friends and family.

Procedure: How To Take Loan in IDEA (TalkTime):

Here are the instructions on- how to take loan in IDEA using USSD codes:

  • Open your phone’s number dialer.
  • For Rs.10 talktime dial the USSD Code: *150*10#
  • Else, For Rs.20 talktime dial the USSD Code: *150*20#
  • Now call press button to dial the USSD Code.
  • You are done now. You’ll get appropriate amount of balance for 24 hours.

Please note that you have to repay this loan amount. Idea network will automatically recover this amount from your main balance with service charge extra. You’ll pay Rs.12 on Rs.10 Loan.

How To Take Idea Internet Loan?

Idea provide Internet loan service to all its prepaid users. You just have to make sure that you fulfill following Idea loan criteria for Internet Loan. You might also be interested in checking your Idea Internet Balance using *457# (for 2G) or *125# (for 3G Internet) or *131*3# (for 4G Internet) USSD Codes.

Eligibility Criteria for Idea Internet Loan

Hello Idea prepaid users, in order to avail Idea Internet Loan – you have to fulfill following conditions:

  • Internet on credit service is available for those customer who have Idea SIM/Number older than 3 months old.
  • There must be no previous pending loan or no negative balance.
  • You must be an Idea prepaid user.
  • Internet Loan is only given when your main balance lower than Rs.2.

If you don’t need Idea Internet Loan then you can also try Idea balance transfer service and get balance from friends or family.

Idea Loan Number for Internet Pack

To get Idea Internet Loan, just Dial the following Idea USSD code for Internet Loan service. Idea offers 2G Internet credit of 30 MB for 2 days.

Idea Internet Loan Code: *666#

Idea Loan Number | Idea TalkTime Credit | Internet Loan Code

Idea Loan Number | Idea TalkTime Credit | Internet Loan Code

Procedure to Take Idea 2G Data on Credit!

In this section, we have covered brief steps on- how to get loan in IDEA (2G Internet Pack) using USSD codes:

  • Open your phone’s number dialer.
  • And dial the Internet Loan USSD Code: *666#
  • Now call press button to dial the USSD Code.
  • You are done now. You’ll get 30MB 2G Internet loan with 2 days validity.

Please Note that after 2 days you have to replay Rs.6 (Idea Internet loan amount with Re.1 extra charges). It’ll be deducted by Idea automatically from your main balance.

Conclusion & Important Points!

Congratulation on getting Idea loan. Please make sure to read following points:

  • These types of loan for talktime balance and Internet on credit are very helpful in emergency.
  • You have to replay the loan strictly after fixed amount of hours with extra charge/interest.
  • You must recharge you mobile in 24 hours after taking this credit. Otherwise, you will have negative balance and no more loan facility.
  • You won’t be able to get loan if you are new customer or have some dues with IDEA.

I hope, my this article on “How to take Loan in IDEA? Talktime Credit & 2G Internet Loan!” is helpful for everyone who is looking for Idea loan numberIdea loan code or Idea credit number. If you are interested in knowing more USSD codes then our IDEA USSD Code List is for you!

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