Namaste BSNL prepaid users, if your talktime balance is low But you want to call someone urgently then you are at the right place. You can take bsnl talktime loan using BSNL loan number and now you can make calls to anyone. All major telecom companies including BSNL provide talktime loan facility. You can instantly get Rs.10 BSNL talktime by sending sms:  CREDIT to 53738. Are you ready to know How To Take Loan in BSNL Number?



How to Take Talktime Loan in BSNL?

BSNL do not provide any USSD code for taking loan. That means bsnl loan number or bsnl loan code doesn’t exist. BUT there is a credit service provided by BSNL for talktime loan. You just need to SMS to BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited).

Requirements to Get Talktime Loan in BSNL

You are eligible to take BSNL talktime loan Only if you fulfill following BSNL loan conditions:

  • You must have prepaid BSNL Sim Card.
  • Your BSNL number must be at least 90 Days older.
  • No previous outstanding loan and no negative balance.

You can even ask your friends or family to use BSNL balance transfer service to send you BSNL talktime balance.

BSNL Loan Code | BSNL Loan Number

As I already informed you there is NO USSD code available from BSNL for Taktime or Internet Loan, here is the SMS number you can use to get loan from BSNL.

BSNL Talktime Loan via SMS: type CREDIT and send it to 53738

The Best Thing about BSNL Credit Service – Every telecom company charges Rs.2 or Rs.3 extra on a loan of Rs.10 but BSNL don’t. When you recharge your BSNL number within 24 hours, BSNL don’t charge extra/interest on loan amount.

Even after 24 hours, you only have to pay Re.1 on Rs.10 BSNL loan. This is a true emergency Loan facility from BSNL. I appreciate!

BSNL Loan Code | Internet + Talktime Credit | BSNL Loan Number

BSNL Loan Code | Internet + Talktime Credit | BSNL Loan Number


How to Take Internet Loan in BSNL (2G/3G/4G)?

How To Take Loan in BSNL Number? Internet Loan? Well, To the best of our knowledge and online research about BSNL loan code and BSNL loan number yielded no helpful result. There exist NO BSNL Code for Internet loan (2G /3G/4G). But you can try the BSNL SMS Loan service.

BSNL Loan Number: type CREDIT and send it to 53738

If you are interested to check your BSNL Internet balance then dial BSNL USSD code *123*10#.

Points To Remember

BSNL Loan facility is a true emergency help and there is no extra charge as well on loan.

  • If you can repay the loan amount within 24 hours then you don’t have to pay any extra charge/interest amount.
  • Even after 24 hours, BSNL only charge Re.1 on a loan of Rs.10.
  • Most probably, you can use BSNL credit service only once in 24 hours. This loan amount will be recovered by BSNL after 24 hours. So, recharge your number as soon as possible otherwise you will be in same situation again.
  • Loan and Credit services are always very helpful in emergency – but don’t get used to of it. Always have sufficient balance in your BSNL SIM.
  • You might wanted to checout USSD Codes List of BSNL.

I hope this article “How to Take Loan in BSNL Number?” proves helpful to You. If you know any BSNL loan code or BSNL loan number then let us know in comments or send us an email. And we’ll update this article with latest working BSNL Loan USSD code. Thank You!

Originally posted 2016-08-16 03:39:15.