Hello Airtel users, Are you looking for Airtel USSD Codes List for Recharge Coupon Code, balance checking, talktime loan, Internet loan, Airtel Offers, Balance Transfer, Activating/Deactivating Hello Tunes and more? Then, you are at right place. Let’s share Airtel USSD codes without wasting any more time.

How to Recharge Airtel using Recharge Coupon Card?

If you had just purchased Airtel recharge coupon then you need to dial following Airtel recharge code number to get coupon amount in your Airtel SIM/Number.

Airtel Recharge Number Code: *101*secret_code#

Scratch your Airtel recharge coupon and replace the secret_code with 16-digit-pin code.



How to check Airtel Talktime/SMS/Internet Balance?

In order to check Airtel talktime, Internet and SMS balance you have to dial following Airtel USSD codes:

Airtel (Main Balance) Check Number: *123#

(2G Internet) Balance Check: *123*7# or *123*10#

Airtel (3G Internet) Balance Check Code: *123*11#

Airtel (SMS Pack) Check: *555# or *777#

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How to Take Talktime Loan in Airtel?

If you’re in emergency and have low talktime balance then you can avail this Airtel loan service. You can dial following Airtel emergency loan numbers.

Airtel Loan Code for (Rs.10 or Rs.20): *414#

Airtel Advance Talktime Number:  *414#

Please mind that you have to repay this amount with service charge extra. Also, there are certain conditions that you must fulfilled such as, you must be an Airtel prepaid user for more than 90 days, have non-negative low balance in your sim right now.

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How to Take Internet Loan in Airtel?

Airtel offers 2G/3G and 4G Internet services in India. You can dial following Airtel USSD codes to get Airtel Internet loan:

Airtel Internet Loan Code (3G pack): *141*567#

Airtel USSD Codes for 4G: *141*567#

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How to Transfer Airtel Balance?

If you want to transfer your Airtel balance then dial the following Airtel USSd Code:

Airtel Balance Transfer: *141#

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How to Activate/Deactivate Airtel Hello Tunes?

To activate/deactivate Airtel hello tunes, dial the following Airtel USSD code numbers:

Activate Airtel Hello Tunes:

Deactivate Airtel Hello Tunes Number (toll free): *678#

All Other Airtel USSD Codes

I will update remaining Airtel USSD codes in this section. You can request Airtel USSD codes in comment section.

Airtel Customer Care and Complaint Number

If you are unable to find any mobile code in our Airtel USSD codes list or you are looking for any specific Airtel package/service then contact Airtel customer care number. But, if there is any issue related to your Airtel number or service then contact Airtel complaint number.

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