Hello Airtel Prepaid Users, Are you in emergency and have low Airtel Talktime/Internet balance? Then just dial the Airtel Loan Number Code for Internet (*141*567#) and Advance Talktime (*414#). Keep reading for more details.


How to Take Talktime Loan in Airtel?

To get Airtel advance talktime loan you can use dial Airtel USSD code or send SMS for credit. Both works fine! Important Note: Before you avail the Airtel loan let me tell you that Rs.12.50 (for Rs.10 loan), Rs.34 (for Rs.30 Advance talktime loan) and Rs.55 (for Rs.50) will be recovered by Airtel after 24 hours.

Eligiblity to Get Airtel Loan

There are certain requirement to be fulfilled before loan is credited to you. These eligibility conditions are as follows:

  • Your must be a Prepaid User.
  • You Airtel number must be older than at least 90 Days.
  • You have low talktime balance in your SIM.

Airtel Loan Number code for Rs.10

You have two ways to avail Airtel Talktime Loan i.e. Airtel Loan USSD Code and Airtel Loan SMS Number. Choice is completely yours, you’ll get Rs.10 Airtel advance talktime.

Airtel Loan USSD Code (Talktime): *414#

Airtel Loan Number (Talktime via SMS): type LOAN and send to 55414

Instruction: How to Get Airtel Loan?

Follow these instruction on how to get airtel loan –

  1. Dial Airtel USSD Code *141*10#. You’ll receive a popup menu with different options.
  2. Reply with 3 (i.e. Take Advance Talktime/Ask for Talktime)
  3. Now, another menu will popup with three options. Reply with 1 (i.e. Take Rs.10 advance talktime (main account).
  4. Now a message will appear – “For Rs.10, we will recover Rs.12 and balance will be recovered any time”.
  5. At last, Reply with 1 and you’l get Airtel Advance Talktime Loan of Rs.10.

How to get Airtel Internet Loan?

If you are low on Internet, then you are eligible for Airtel internet Loan. You might wanted to check your Airtel Internet Balance before you take any of the Airtel Internet loan.

Eligiblity for Airtel Internet Loan

Eligiblity for Airtel Internet Loan is similar to Eligibility for talktime loan. Let’s discuss:

  • Your must have a Airtel Prepaid SIM/Number.
  • You mobile number must be older than 90 Days.
  • You have low Airtel Internet balance.

Airtel Loan USSD Code for 2G

To get Airtel Internet, dial the following Airtel USSD code number. You’ll receive Internet loan of 65 MB (worth Rs.15) for two days.
Airtel Data Loan USSD Code: *141*567#

Airtel Loan Number Code for 3G

You can get airtel data loan by dialing following Airtel USSd code for Internet loan:

Airtel Internet Loan: *141*567#

Airtel Loan Number | How to Take Loan in AIRTEL Number?

Airtel Loan Number | How to Take Loan in AIRTEL Number?

Final Words and Conclusion

Let’s summarize, you have learned- how to take loan in Airtel Number and how to get advance Talktime and Internet Data pack on Credit Anytime.

  • You can also ask your friends and family to use Airtel Balance transfer feature to share balance with you.
  • Airtel loan Number and  USSD codes are very handy, helpful and reliable.
  • Don’t depend on these services too much. It is meant to be used in case of emergency.
  • After successfully availing Airtel loan, you should recharge your number as soon as possible. Because Airtel is going to take back all the given loan amount with extra charges strictly after 24 hours.
  • You can get Only one Airtel loan at a time. New loans are only only given when previous loan were paid and you have positive balance.

I hope this article – “How to Take Loan in AIRTEL Number? Internet & Talktime Loan USSD Code!” had helped all those who were looking for Airtel Internet Loan and Airtel advance talktime Number. If you are still looking for more Airtel USSD codes then you’ll find our Airtel USSD Codes List interesting.

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