Welcome aircel users, here’s the Aircel USSD code list to check your Aircel balance, balance transfer, coupon recharge, Aircel offers, Caller tunes and more.



How to recharge mobile number using recharge coupon card?

If you have purchased Aircel recharge coupon card then scratched it and dial the following Aircel USSD code with your 16 digit secret pin.

Aircel Recharge Code: *124*Number# 

Replace the Number with 16-digit secret recharge code.

How to check Aircel Internet SMS, Talktime balance?

To know your Aircel balance for SMS, talktime and Internet, please dial the following Aircel USSD codes.

Aircel Balance Check Code: 

Aircel SMS Check Code: *126*2# or *123#

3G Internet Balance Check Code: *123*11# or *111*99#

Aircel 2G Internet Balance Check Number: *111*5#

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How to take internet talktime loan in Aircel?

If you have low balance in your Aircel account and you are a prepaid customer for more 90 days then you can avail Aircel talktime and Internet service on credit.

Aircel Loan Number for Talktime: *414# 

Aircel Loan Number for Internet:  *141*567#

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How to transfer Aircel balance?

You can transfer your Aircel balance to any other aircel number by dailing following Aircel balance transfer code number.

Aircel Balance Transfer Number: *122*666#

How to check your own Aircel number?

If you want to check your own Aircel number then dial the following Aircel USSD codes.

Aircel Number Check Code: 

How to Activate/Deactivate Aircel Dialer Tunes?

Hello tunes is the ringtone that your caller listens. If you want activate or deactivate then dial the following Aircel USSD codes.

Aircel Dialer Tunes Activation Number:
Aircel Dialer Tunes Deactivation Number:

How to Activate DND (Do Not Disturb) on Aircel?

If you don’t want to receive telemarketing calls then dial the following Aircel USSD codes.

Aircel DND Number:  1909

DND SMS Number for Aircel: send START 0 to 1909

Aircel customer care number (Aircel USSD Codes list)

If you are looking for any specific Aircel service then feel free to call Aircel customer care or if you are facing any problem with your Aircel number of service then call Aircel complaint number.

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