Hello Aircel customers, in this article we’ll learn How to check TalkTime/SMS/Internet Balance in Aircel? We’ll use USSD Codes to check Aircel Internet Balance and main balance.


How to Check Aircel Main Balance/TalkTime?

To know Aircel Main Balance, Dial the following Aircel USSD codes from your mobile phone. You’ll then receive a popup message/SMS with details.

Aircel Balance Check Code:*111# or *125#
Aircel Balance Check Number (SMS): type BAL and send to 121
Now, if you are on low balance then you can take loan in Aircel or ask your friend to transfer their Aircel balance to you.

How to Check 2G/3G/4G Internet Balance in Aircel?

Aircel offers Internet and provides mobile codes for same to check Internet balance in Aircel. These codes are slightly different for 2G/3G and 4G.

Aircel 2G Balance Check

To know Aircel 2G Internet Balance, Dial following USSD code from your mobile phone.  or or from your mobile phone. A Message with remaining 2G data Balance information will appear on your mobile phone screen.

Aircel Data Balance Check (2G):

Aircel Balance Check- How to Check 2G/3G Internet Balance in Aircel?

How to Check Aircel 3G Balance?

To know Aircel 3G Internet Balance you need to Dial following Aircel USSD codes from you mobile. A message with 3G balance and validity information will appear on you screen.

Aircel 3G Balance Check: *111*9# or *122*011#

How To Check SMS balance in Aircel?

Dear Aircel users, to check your SMS balance in Aircel SIM then dial the following USSD code.

Aircel SMS Balance Check: *126*2#   

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Check Mobile Balance on Other Networks

If you have more than one than one Sim, you would surely like to check your Internet balance 2G/3G/4G on other networks as well. Kindly check the following webpages:

Disclaimer and Conclusion

  • These Aircel USSD codes may vary in different Aircel circles. If any of the Aircel USSD code is not working for you, kindly check them with the official Aircel website.
  • Aircel Balance Check USSD Codes comes very handy in emergency. These can be used to check Aircel net balance from anywhere anytime.
  • All the above Aircel USSD codes are valid to best of my knowledge, but you should check them with Aircel official website.

Originally posted 2016-08-19 13:23:16.