Hello readers, Do you get telemarketing calls and promotional SMS that are useless to you? Are you tired of promotional messages, deals, recharge plans and ringtones? Then, the solution is to put your number on DO NOT DISTURB (DND).  This service will block all these calls for you. The best thing, it’s free.

There are following three ways to activate DND (block telemarketing calls) on your number

  1. Send START 0 SMS to 1909.
  2. Call 1909 and follow IVR instructions
  3. Visit your Telecom official Website and fill DND form.

DND service is available for Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Reliance, Jio, Aircel, Tata Docomo, BSNL, MTNL, Telenor, Videocon, MTS and T24. DND is now transformed to NCPR (National Consumer Preference Register) by the TRAI (The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India).

Activate DND (NCPR) on Your Number

DND is an initiative by TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, Government of India). The best thing is that DND number and procedure is same for all networks. You just have to send SMS to toll free number or you can just call 1909.

Activate DND via SMS (Block Unwanted Calls): Type START 0 and send to 1909

DND Activation number: call 1909

I have published different DND activation/deactivation tutorial for each telecom network. Please find them below.

Start Receiving Selected Promotional Messages!

So, if you want to receive promotional messages from certain categories then you can try following options –

  • Type START 0 and send this SMS to 1909 to block all promotional calls & messages.
  • Type START 1 and send this SMS to 1909 to start receiving Banking/Insurance/Financial Products/Credit cards promotions.
  • Type START 2 and send this SMS to 1909 to start receiving Real Estate promotions
  • Type START 3 and send this SMS to 1909 to start receiving Educational promotions
  • Type START 4 and send this SMS to 1909 to start receiving Health-related promotions
  • Type START 5 and send this SMS to 1909 to start receiving Consumer Goods promotions
  • Type START 6 and send this SMS to 1909 to start receiving Communication/Broadcasting/entertainment/IT promotion.
  • Type START 7 and send this SMS to 1909 to start receiving Tourism and Leisure promotions

You can also try combinations like START 2,5,6 and send it to 1909. Moreover, you can even call 1909 and follow the voice instructions provided to activate DND in any category.

Important Notes

If you are unsure about using DND or NCPR on you mobile number then following points will help you to make decision.

  1. DND or NCPR never blocks you personal subscription or important bank SMS/Calls.
  2. It restricts promotional and marketing messages and calls on your NCPR activated number.
  3. Activating/Deactivating DND service is free.
  4. Sometimes, it might take up to 7 days to completely activate DND on you number. My personal experience says it doesn’t take more than 2 days.

Finally, my personal suggestion is to activate DND on your mobile number. If you are an average person, you’ll feel a lot of relief.

Deactivating DND on Your Mobile Number!

If DND is blocking your important calls and messages then you can deactivate it anytime. Just SMS “STOP DND” to 1909 and DND service will be deactivated on your number. It might take few days.

Deactivate DND Number: Type STOP and send to 1909.

Note: Sending above message will allow telemarketers to call and SMS you regarding their promotional stuff.

Final Words and Conclusion

  • You can block advertising and promotion messages your mobile using DND. But unfortunately there are some telemarketers that do not follow this DND registry (NCPR) and go against the laws. So there are chances you can still receive such calls and messages.
  • Although, you can always complain these telemarketers/number who call you when your DND is activated. You can go to your telecom network provider official website to report such number. We have individual articles on activating, deactivating DND for Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Reliance, Jio, Aircel, Tata Docomo, BSNL, MTNL, Telenor, Videocon, MTS and T24 and ways to complain telemarketers who breaks law.

Originally posted 2018-01-24 17:40:52.